Domopalooza 2018 | Kinetic Light Installation

Bringing life and movement to the ordinary

We are always in search of ways to keep things fresh and deliver something unexpected. For Domopalooza 2018 concert series, we struck an idea that brought movement and life into a somewhat unconventional concert space.

To create a concert space worthy of world renowned musicians like Pitbull, Capital Cities, Ne-Yo, and Nicole Scherzinger, we had to think outside the box. We set up 156 kinetic lights that covered the entire hall. This unique lighting made Domopalooza attendees feel like they were in an intimate venue. Our lighting designers customized flawless light and movement choreography. The complete setup required 1240 feet of truss suspended in the air and spanned the mass of the crowd. For the lights to appear flawlessly synced with the performances on stage, our team carefully planned and calculated every color change and movement. The brilliant effects gave concert attendees a taste of the unexpected. We were stoked with the outcome. Bring on the next big idea.