doTERRA Global Convention 2018 | Smashing the Stats

You want a ballpit with 240,000 balls? You got it.

doTERRA’s annual global convention is one of our biggest shows of the year with nearly 30,000 attendees from 55 different countries. They say it takes an army, and our team of 416 from this event would agree! Load-in for this event started a week before and required 182 semi-trucks to get everything on-site. The convention occupied the entire Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City as well as the Vivint Smart Home Arena. You think those numbers are crazy? Just wait.

The product showcase for all of the unique doTERRA products that took up 5 halls (over 275,700 square feet) was one of the most unique features. Some of the stand out displays included a 40′ x 40′ ball pit with Deep Blue pool floaties. The ball pit used about 240,000 balls alone. The product showcase also highlighted 1/16th of an actual field identical to those that doTERRA uses in Kenya to show patrons just how much it takes to make just one bottle of doTERRA essential oils.

Another highlight were the two main stages, one at the Vivint Smart Home Arena and one at the Salt Palace Convention Center. Both stage designs incorporated giant automated petals that surrounded the stages both on the ground and in the air. These petals made an incredible frame to draw attention to the stages which hosted a slew of incredible speakers over the 3-day conference and showcased a surprise performance by Hugh Jackman. Keeping the performance a secret from 30,000 attendees was a feat in and of itself.

We did all this, and kept it green. The event was rated #1 in sustainability at the Salt Palace Convention Center. We recycled over 28.1K pounds of material and donated 16.7K pounds to local art programs, schools, and theatres. We are extremely proud of our partnership with the Salt Palace to make this possible.

The event was a complete success and we are thrilled with the outcome. Check out the gallery below to see all the details from the convention.