Pluralsight Live 2017 | Innovation + Creativity

Imagination is the beginning of creativity.

Each client has their own objective, but no matter the scope, creativity is at the forefront of our process. We believe in a branding model that combines experiential design and graphics, creating a visually dynamic branding experience that is unlike anything that attendees have experienced before. This year we produced Pluralsight’s very first user’s conference and did just that. 

The creative team at Pluralsight presented us with the concept of the LIVE cube and we used that direction to create a visually dynamic hall space that literally came alive. We developed the concept of the stacked cube structures with LED video content living inside the cubes. Each box was customized to serve a different purpose, whether it be LED, an art installation, or a light box. The cubes lived in multiple places; in the courtyards, in the hallways, and on the stage, making the branding cohesive and immersive throughout the event space. The cube structures were a custom branding element, built with a combination of steel frame and fabric structures as well as wood boxes to support the LED tiles. Each cube activation had custom video content and a light box. The video content was created to span across multiple screens so attendees would watch koi fish swim from one LED box into the next cube.

We incorporated a custom build out that created graphic branding opportunities in addition to video content. We were able to create a transformative branding environment amongst the traditional decor of the Grand America using creativity. Our team used a combination of materials and innovative elements in order to create a highly finished end product. We worked very closely with Pluralsight’s creative team to talk through every single color choice and graphic application. We are extremely proud of the end result, and believe that Pluralsight LIVE exceeded even our own expectations. Overall, our branding development was received with outstanding reviews, and we succeeded in creating an impactful and one-of-a-kind event experience.