It was time to freshen up

We’ve re-branded. You might have noticed. We’re excited about it.
It’s new. It’s fresh. It comes with a new logo and a fresh website to showcase our work. The process was several months in the making and an opportunity for the production side of our company to take a leap forward.

If you’ve worked with us you know that we have a long history of providing our expertise in the audio visual; but, you also know that we do so much more than just cover the technology. Our business has grown to encompass every aspect of a show. In the process of rebranding, we decided to give the Event Production side of our business its own home on the internet; a place where it can showcase our work and continue to stretch the boundaries in creativity. That is here, on

We are excited for our future at Webb and the opportunity to jump into new projects with new clients.

Take a look around and stay awhile.