500 glass globes suspended from a 24 ft ceiling

‘Tis the Season’ for holiday parties and this one for Entrata had a fun holiday decor element that took a bit of man power. Our team built a center truss above the stage at the Utah Valley Convention Center, and we suspendedĀ over 500 glass globes. The effect was incredibly beautiful, and the time to hang each one individually was well worth it. The light reflecting off the glass made a perfect stage center piece.We loved it so much that we did it again at our home office in Salt Lake to decorate for the holidays. In this business, it seems that it is the craziest creative ideas that become the most impressionable, and this one was not an exception. We hung a few on our office Christmas tree to tieĀ together the overall holiday decor theme, and it turned out beautifully.

Happy Holidays!