November 22, 2019

Corporate Holiday Party Planning Essentials


The holiday season can be extremely busy and the thought of adding a corporate party to the mix can prove overwhelming and daunting. We have a few tricks up our sleeve to make the planning a little bit more simple. Here are three handy tips for planning this year’s office party – 




The truth about any party, not just a holiday party, is that people want interactive experiences. For one holiday party, we designed a giant snow globe photo-op that attendees could stand behind and appear as if they were inside a snow globe. The party was a dream for our special events team who worked like elves to transform a convention center hall into a magical winter wonderland. The party was complete with towering trees, snow, and even live reindeer that attendees could pet and feed. The party was a huge success, and the interactive aspect is what really made it memorable.







Not every holiday party has to be all flocked Evergreen trees and candy canes. Think of a unique theme. One year we planned a Nutcracker themed holiday party. Everyone dressed in their fanciest gowns for a night at the Nutcracker while real ballerinas danced around the lobby.





This Winter Wonderland didn’t just feature ballerinas but boasted of dazzling florals, and a stage set complete with towering trees. Everything was white, silver, and blue. The cool blue hues set the mood for a relaxing evening that stood out from the traditional holiday party.







One of our favorite holiday parties to date was one that involved over 500 glass globes. The effect was incredibly beautiful, and the time to hang each one individually was well worth it. Playing with different kinds of lighting that aren’t traditional strung twinkle lights makes for a stunning party centerpiece.





We loved this display so much that we did it again at our home office in Salt Lake to decorate for the holidays. In this business, it seems that it is the craziest creative ideas that become the most impressionable, and this one was not an exception.




This holiday season, don’t stress about how to make your party shine. We can help you brainstorm your next big idea that will be the topic of watercooler chats for seasons to come. Need a hand? Let’s chat.