March 25, 2020

Domopalooza LIVE 2020: Virtual Broadcast Case Study


Let’s be real, the effects of COVID-19 on our industry are undeniable and the future of the event world is currently in uncharted territory. As the spread of coronavirus continues to cause widespread in-person event cancellations into the foreseeable future, WEBB has been challenged to evolve during these unprecedented times.


For many of our clients this means pivoting to offer a virtual streaming option for their event and connecting with their audience digitally. We had the opportunity to hit the ground running with Domo. Despite cancelling their live in-person event with about 3,000 pre-registered attendees in the first week of March, they decided to switch to an all virtual conference adhering to the same time frame. 



Screenshot of Domopalooza 2020 LIVE Streaming Platform.



This meant figuring out the logistics and pulling together all of the assets needed for a virtual show in just two weeks through a combination of pre-recorded content in partnership with JMILLSENT and our live-stream. Additionally, we worked with breakout session speakers to ensure that their sessions were also available to attendees on demand. We ultimately were able to produce a virtual conference event that has been received with glowing reviews from virtual event attendees and our client alike.  See what we did for Domo LIVE 2020 here.



“Love, love, love WEBB. Very few vendors will crawl up into the front seat of a car with you as it’s driving down a mountain cliff, grab the wheel and help you do a 360 mid-air, land it and look like a hero. That’s WEBB.”


– John Mellor, Chief Strategy Officer at Domo, Inc.



The audience that tuned in online was triple in size compared to the anticipated in-person attendance, and we somehow navigated an earthquake and aftershocks during the live stream production that was filmed at WEBB HQ in Salt Lake City. At this point, we feel like we can face just about any challenge.



WEBB broadcasting studio.



So what is next? We understand that while in-person connection and networking is preferrable, right now, we have to be innovative. This time has pushed us to consider alternative content delivery options that still maintain a high level of brand interaction and a personalized experience for our clients and attendees alike. We know that simply re-creating an event virtually won’t cut it. With distractions for attendees at home and engagement at the forefront of our minds, we are partnering with our clients to move in-person events to a virtual format while evaluating the benefits and identifying the best execution method based on scale, content and overall goals. Ultimately, our goal is the same as yours. To create impactful experiences that inspire action. Together, we can continue to do this.



WEBB broadcasting studio.


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