February 21, 2020

Production Considerations When Choosing a Venue.


Advice for Event Planners From Your Production Partner.


Choosing a venue can often feel challenging, but no worries, we’ve compiled a list of questions and considerations to make planning your next event a little easier. 






Walking through a venue beforehand is a must, especially to determine where branding will be placed, and to discuss with venue reps what the branding options are available. Venue flexibility allowing for creative branding can be a big selling point. Think about how branding can make the space your own!








Does the venue have exclusives on labor, rigging, or A/V with union facilities? And do those things align with your budgeting goals and partnerships with your production? It is important to be aware of these factors. At certain venues, you may be required to hire certain companies for labor, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing just an additional consideration when picking a venue.









Will the venue be able to accommodate all of your event activations? Or will you need to book multiple venues for all your needs? Having your parties onsite versus transporting attendees somewhere else can be cost-effective if the convenience of that is a priority. Think about all of the needs and decide if you want one venue for every aspect, or if you want to divide and conquer.









Does the venue offer services for handicapped and disabled guests? Will you need to hire ASL interpreters? Where will they be put in the venue? According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 1 in 5 people has a disability. Considering the needs for these guests will go a long way with your attendees.









Dreaming big with your staging is great, but sometimes the venue can’t accommodate the tech needs for your stage set. Know what your tech limitations are going into a venue so you won’t be disappointed when it isn’t possible to rig large screens somewhere or the ceilings are lower than you had envisioned.









Location. Location. Location. Are there things for attendees to do around the venue when you aren’t in session? Considering what the city can offer your attendees given that it’s an expense for them to fly there and that investment should be factored in. 








Does the venue require multi-year contracts? Or offer a deal if you sign for multiple upcoming events at a time? While this may seem like a great plan, in the long run, it doesn’t always work in your favor.


Sometimes you get locked into a contract and can’t change when the needs of your event change. Some clients get stuck in multi-year contracts and end up losing more money paying than they saved by signing, so make sure to look at your options and see what best fits your company and your needs for the future.





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