Days for Girls and a Guinness World Record at the dōTERRA 2017 Global Convention

Working with so many different clients allows us to vicariously support a wide range of nonprofit and charity organizations, from display design to creative development. The range of their causes means we get to see a lot of the ways people are helping other people across the globe. That being said, we have some pretty awesome clients. dōTERRA supports many nonprofit organizations across the globe, including Days for Girls: an organization that hand-sews Sustainable Personal Hygiene kits for girls abroad. From their website, “Days for Girls is committed to supporting a girl throughout her entire lifecycle, from providing her with a [Days for Girls] Kit, to teaching her health education, to offering training for her when she grows older, so that she can produce DFG Kits and support hygiene needs in her community.” Women around the U.S. gather daily to assemble these little colorful bags, which are full of exactly what less resourced women need, offering health and inspiration to everyone. And in the end, it seems that all involved glean a ton of happiness and excitement from it, too.

At dōTERRA You, Days for Girls attempted and secured the Guinness World Record for “the most humanitarian kits assembled in one hour.” This being their largest scale assembly line to date, WEBB was able to help facilitate the technical and workflow needs Days for Girls had in planning the attempt. In addition to the logistics of the Guinness attempt, Days for Girls needed a structure to put their finished efforts on display at the convention. In our dōTERRA gallery below, you can see our finished product: a custom exhibit display with informational screens, 3form printed pattern panels and a motor mechanism that raised each bar as the record attempt neared completion. It’s a pretty stunning display for a pretty awesome cause. We are excited to see what other big gestures Days for Girls and dōTERRA offer to the world through their shared mission. And yep, we’ll definitely be there to help however we can.




September 2017


Salt Palace
Convention Center