Domopalooza 2016 Future Party

A futuristic party with robotic models, silver tufted furniture, and future projected imagery; this party was in a world of its own. One of our goals, when we create a party, is to do something unexpected. We like the element of surprise and presenting a party that has a bit of shock value. This party featured Future Models as live art pieces and a silver beaded lounge; every detail was planned to create an atmosphere that was ‘all in” on the future party theme. The imagery and sounds of the future made this space impressionistic and exciting. It had a bit of a ‘Tomorrowland’ feel, in that the elements were hand-picked to submerge you in this futuristic experience. The attendees stopped to take pictures with the models, who had intricate robotic-like makeup designed to replicate circuit boards. We even had silver dusted macaroons for guests to eat. The future theme was memorable and it made this party one of our favorites to produce.

The lovely makeup artist, Tara Sterling, pulled together some insanely gorgeous looks for this Futuristic themed party that we produced. Make-up is its own special kind of art, and it is obvious when you work with talent. Not only were these models incredibly beautiful, but each one had a unique look. Our standout makeup artist pulled together robotic elements, circuit boards painted onto the male models’ chests and incorporated that futuristic silver. The models were a living art piece at the party and guests stopped to take pictures with them. These models made this event memorable and were an unexpected element that was truly one-of-a-kind.




March 2016


Grand America Hotel