Private Event

Halloween Party on the Bayou

Gator heads and voodoo, this private party was all about Halloween on the Louisiana Bayou. Understated isn’t really our style and Halloween is just another opportunity for us to pull together extravagant decor elements and take our party production to the next level. We were inspired by the dark alleys of the French Quarter, voodoo, and the swampy bayou. For this event, we had actors dressed as voodoo witches, in full makeup, greeting guests in character as they walked in. We draped branches with mossy greenery and suspended them from the ceiling to give that southern swampy look and feel to the space. We had a life-size gator sculpture as a table centerpiece, surrounded with peet moss and candles. We played up a few anthropomorphic elements, creating tall mannequin statues, with deer heads and horns. We brought in multi-level risers and lit hundreds of candles, and gave the bars some swampy decor treatments as well. We had fun with this one and this party theme made us wish we could visit life on the Bayou more often.


Private Event


October 2016


Private Event