LuLaRoe VISION 2017

For LuLaRoe Vision ’17, WEBB tackled the complex logistics of a massive scenic and branding project for a convention with 26,000 attendees, and the results were pretty jaw-dropping. LuLaRoe had the idea for an interactive space in which attendees learned about products, were inspired to set goals, and given the tools to achieve those goals. After 5 semi-trucks hit the road from SLC to Anaheim, filled to the brim for the Experiences space alone, LuLaRoe Vision ’17 went live. Attendees had 14 different learning areas through which to roam, emulating the experience one would have in a museum. LuLaRoe and WEBB’s creative teams designed each area within Experiences to foster interactivity and engagement among attendees. From artistic expression to sales and business education, the experience of each attendee was full of unique opportunities.

In addition to Experiences, 360 Scenery built two 20ft custom “BE” structures, masked with mirror and 3form plastic finishing. Each “BE” had their own dedicated truck. In addition to these, we took the LuLaRoe logo and made it into a custom fabricated steel archway photo-op outside the entrance to the convention center. The Fashion Show stage featured a dramatic centerstage entrance lined with 56 convex mirrors, weighing 50 lbs. each. The weight and scale of the mirrors required complex rigging and structural fabrication. The stage itself was comprised of a combination of transparent decking and white Marley flooring, allowing the industrial elements of the stage to remain visible. The high-gloss nature of the stage materials made the whole room vibrate with colorful reflected light. To each side, vertically oriented video screens perfectly framed each model’s look, without the distraction of head to toe tilting camera shots.

Throughout the building, attendees encountered LuLaRoe’s branding in surprising places, from 80-foot escalator vinyl graphics to their rainbow square icon nestled into the front- facing surfaces of a staircase. Rainbow Shine holographic material starred in most of the event’s branding, wayfinding, and print materials. For the retail store, WEBB designed custom clothing fixtures, designed to be an adaptable and clean canvas for their colorful product. The fixtures were assembled from steel pipe in acute angles with minimalist hardware. Commissioned for her world-class art installations, Geronimo Balloons’ Jihan Zencirli designed a floor-to-ceiling color explosion, dramatically filling an otherwise empty wall with 60 feet of balloons. The LuLaRoe Vision ’17 convention’s logistical needs were extensive, but not in the least way daunting. At WEBB, we are more than ready to tackle the logistical, creative, and technical needs of all our clients. We overcome the biggest logistical concerns just to see ideas come to vibrant life with exceptional detail and creativity. Sometimes that means 9 semi-trucks and some nifty problem solving, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.




July 2017


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Who says complex logistics and ultra-creative bucket lists can't coexist?




ft² of Rainbow Shine


Convex Mirrors