Nu Skin

Nu Skin 2016 North America Convention Store

We produced the Nu Skin North America Convention at the Salt Palace in October, and the store within the convention was an incredible success. Our approach involved creating a more modern look and feel to the store and provide opportunities for attendees to engage with the product in a different way. There were hands-on training opportunities, a museum area where Nu Skin attendees could learn more about the product and find educational engagement points as well as an interactive, panoramic, photo opportunity that could be instantly shared on social media. Design features included wheatgrass planter boxes, a massive water feature, and a living wall. Each area of the store was designed in separate room-like areas, each with different components to facilitate an engaging experience. The store had more lighting and visual effects with screens and projectors in order to differentiate each product area. The store also had its own custom lighting design. We had an overwhelmingly positive response on the overall production, but the store specifically was called out as the best Nu Skin has ever done. By incorporating a modern design and still achieving the level of engagement that they were seeking, we were able to deliver a store experience unlike anything they had done in the past.


Nu Skin


October 2016


Salt Palace
Convention Center