July 29, 2019

The Rise of Experiential Marketing in Events


If you see a ball pit, you may also find us; swimming in the Deep Blue product activation at doTERRA, or perfecting our cannonball while the Bleachers bring the energy to the Pluralsight LIVE party. The word “experiential” or “interactive” is a must on the event checklist these days, thanks to the influence of what we fondly refer to as the Instagram Museum. Pop-Up interactive exhibits like the Museum of Ice Cream, 29 Rooms, and Color Factory are not only taking over our personal Instagram feeds, they are also completely reshaping event attendees’ expectations. 


Demand for immersive experiences is on the rise globally. And the desire from attendees and clients for shareable interactive experiences is continuously pushing our team to think bigger and create better. 


Simply designing an aesthetic product showcase for an event is no longer enough. These days, attendees expect to be fully immersed in an imaginative world, chock-full of product experiences and photo opportunities.


Here are a few tips to help your event attendees get the most out of their experience:



Create “Instagrammable” Moments.


Branded events are great, but why should your event last one night when you can create experiences for your guests that demand to be photographed and shared online for months to come?


At Domopalooza, we created a bold entrance piece made of spiraling LED lights that welcomed our guests into a transformed concert space. The unexpected entrance created a photo moment and set the tone for the entire space. Attendees felt as though they left the convention center, leaving behind the ordinary world outside of our curated walls and entering into an environment that demanded to be shared online.





Create an Experience that Supports Your Message/Brand.


Unforgettable event experiences start with the right messaging. We subscribe to an approach that is focused on a fluid partnership with our clients in which we begin the creation process by coming together and defining the goals of the space together.


The intention of a space can vary depending on the client and the event which is what makes the creative process so much fun. We riot around your ideas and make a point to ground the experience in whatever you believe the takeaway should be. Product information or education? Sure! Just a fun branded photo moment? That’s great too!


A client of ours asked us to create a space to inspire their attendees to dream. They wanted to create a space that didn’t just encourage people to dream, but also dream big; “castles in the sky” level of dreams. So, we built a castle, and surrounded it with clouds, and created a playful environment that was full of photo moments but drove the message that dreams change the world.



When you merge your messaging with a rad experience, you propel your event forward creating a lasting impact (that everyone will remember). 



Make it Digital.


Technology is our bread and butter, and we are always looking for new ways to create tech-forward experiences for our clients. Tech x Experiential is making waves at events from VR to high-tech photo technologies.  


Last year, for one of our tech clients, we created a digital photo wall of attendee’s silhouettes interacting with each other by using projection mapping combined with in-house developed software. After capturing 3-second-clips of attendees, the software instantly uploaded these videos to a large screen, dually creating a piece that captured attention because of the personal connection and a unique shareable art piece. 



Another activation at the event that guests loved was the digital graffiti wall. Guests were able to interact with the “graffiti wall” screen where they were given the space to use their own creativity to produce a unique piece that was instantly shareable via text or email or social media.



We arm our team with cutting edge technology, using projection, AR and VR to innovate the way we promote our client’s products, mission, and vision. Consider how you can incorporate technology creatively in your next event. 



Keep Up.


Curated experiences at events are trending with no sign of stopping. Regardless of your client’s sector, creativity, production, and technology will allow you to engage your clientele in unforgettable, shareable, and innovative ways that guarantee your next event will be elevated. 


For creative consultation for your next event, contact us here. Let’s talk.