March 20, 2020

Virtual Conferencing: Pushing Boundaries Between the Physical and Virtual


We are in the business of creating experiences, even if right now that means bringing the experience to your living room. We pride ourselves on impeccable production and the moving to the virtual conference space is no exception. In lieu of in-person gatherings, companies are changing and adapting to create vivid experiences for their attendees virtually. Virtual conferencing is the next step in event production and here’s how it works:






Using an end-to-end streaming platform, we deliver content to hundreds of thousands of viewers at any one time via an advanced content distribution network. Our system works on any network, and any device. Streaming allows for flexible embedding options and social media promotion. Viewers can capture and share highlights, expanding the reach of your content even further.

Clients can choose to pre-record segments that are integrated into a live stream, or choose to do it as if it were a live show. We build a stage set that serves as the backdrop to your next event. From hosting break out sessions, keynote speakers, musical performances, you can get the same content virtually. You can then save the video to share later on social media and your website, and have on-demand content available.



Screenshot of Domopalooza 2020 LIVE Streaming Platform.






From virtual happy hours and afternoon walks to keynotes in your living room, virtual conferencing can expand your audience reach, provide on-demand viewing access, and use analytics to see what your audience is responding to. Attendees will still get valuable knowledge and experiences, make connections with people from different companies and industries, and share your intended message loud and clear.



Screenshot of Domopalooza 2020 LIVE.






For us it starts with that first idea; we work with you to best execute your vision. Starting with creative concepting, to audiovisual details, and technical needs we can help execute your event from start to finish. We believe that pristine execution comes with systematic communication that will eventually lead us to the sets and stage, to the lights, the camera, and the action.



WEBB Broadcasting Studio.



This is 2020. Innovation. Connection. Creating impactful experiences at home.
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