Virtual Events

We pride ourselves on impeccable production and the application to the virtual conference space is now more important than ever. We use an end-to-end streaming platform to deliver live or pre-recorded content to hundreds of thousands of viewers at any one time via our advanced content distribution network. Our system works on any network, and any device. All of our streaming packages come with flexible embedding options and social media promotion. Viewers can capture and share highlights, expanding the reach of your content even further.


From virtual happy hours and afternoon walks to keynotes in your living room. Expand your audience reach, provide on-demand viewing access and use analytics to see what your audience is responding to.


Impactful experiences at home.


We partner with you to determine your show flow content. We help in finding speakers and developing ideas, from inspirational speakers to virtual yoga classes. Together, we brainstorm content development strategies, develop graphic & video content and implement a pre-recorded vs. live stream production strategy.


Our studio or yours for general sessions, and breakouts from home; we work through the logistics of your desired locations. We can customize the set for your needs, incorporating an LED wall, and if desired, branded elements that can be reused in the future. Additionally, we work with you on speaker preparation, coaching your team on content creation and presentation for a virtual audience. We also provide recorded session help kits that are mailed to speakers ensuring a high quality video record.


Our experienced production team will steer you through the event. Livestream with top notch technology for buffering and bandwidth. We provide you with an embeddable link for you to add to your website or leverage our website & mobile platform (paywall enabled). Our features are incorporated based on your needs and together we ensure that every aspect is appropriately highlighted and celebrated.